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  1. So pissed I missed that 2013 show. Moved to North Carolina and news didn’t get to me. You play another one, I’ll be there no matter what.

  2. Come on guys, i brought you CD some year before and no more news from your, please New Album and come in concert in France

  3. Come to Tampa/St. Pete area please! Been a huge fan since the beginning, saw you back in ’05 (maybe ’06) up in NY and been patiently awaiting new music and another tour from you guys!

  4. Detroit is the perfect place to grab a new start. Motown has seen it’s better days, there’s no denying that; we’re not trying to. We’re starting a revolution and though it has had better days, it’s best days are yet to come. Detroit is dirty, cheap, and broken but there’s a movement like nothing else happening here right now, come be a part of it if you think you can hang.

    • Agreed! We need you in Detroit. Haven’t seen you here since Harpo’s in 2005 (saw them in Chicago opening for Def Lep before that!)

  5. When does the new album come out??? Been dying for more since I first saw you guys with Collective Soul back in ’05!

    WHen you came to Providence with Shinedown we came for you guys and left before SD came out. You guys ROCK!!!!

  6. Come to the UK, why the hell has the best rock band ever not had the recognition it deserves. You guys make the Rolling Stones look like amateurs.

  7. Wunderbare bluesorientierte Rockmusik der alten Schule! Ich hoffe, dass ihr bald ein neues Album herausbringt. Aber bitte lasst euch Zeit! Qualiät benötigt seine Zeit und von daher bin ich gerne bereit noch etwas zu warten. 😉

    Hoffentlich tourt ihr irgendwann auch nochmal in Deutschland. Ich würde euch gerne mal live erleben!

    Greetz from Germany!

  8. I seen you guys live twice in Phoenix, you just completely blew the headlining acts away. Unfortunately I’m now stuck in Missouri, so you better stop somewhere here.

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