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  1. When u finished recording your next kick-ass album, and u head out on tour, make sure u play Summerfest in Milwaukee,Wisconisin it’s the World Largest outdoor festival!! 17 stages!! Showing off you music and live stage show to this many people would be amazing! I would love to see u guys tour with Black Stone Cherry -what a perfect match of musical styles!! This would be my ultimate dream concert!

  2. Also hailing from the great state of Pennsylvania, after living in California for 20 years I was blown away by your debut album a few years ago and realized at that point that rock will never die. Looking forward to your new album hopefully soon. Thanks for sticking together and doing your part to keep rock alive and etch your unique sound into music history. You guys have a great, high-energy rockin’-soulful sound!

  3. I absolutely love your music, every song I’ve ever heard I would rate as 5 stars out of 5. My only question is why you guys haven’t cranked more albums or songs, you definitely have a unique sound that is just awesome. Need more songs, need more songs, need more songs, got to have more Silvertide music. “Adult Child” does not show up for download on iTunes or on Amazon, how can I download it, it is the only song I don’t have.

  4. Kick out that next Album, my son turned me on to you guys several years ago and Show and Tell is the Best Rock Album from a new act since Appetite for Destruction….Keep it alive, Rock On!

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